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German high quality porcelain. by Villeroy & Boch at low price Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Cs.go‬! Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay Selbst bei maximalen Rates in CS:GO st der Datentransfer Lachhaft gering. #7 vor 2 Jahren. LennyS1 1120 Beiträge lloyd6077: in lloyd6077: in jedem game würd ich dir sagen mach die besten netsettings die man machen könnte in csgo finde ich solltest du gucken wie du am besten hittest ich peraönlich mag ratio 2 nicht da manche server das auf 1 forcen und du deshalb keine konstante ist. CS:GO Allgemein 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go Brauche die richtigen netsettings hier meine internetleitung (Bambus) : testopude Well-Known Member. 19 Aug 2019 #2. 22 Mar 2013 2,312 1,465. 19 Aug 2019 #2. rate 786432 cl_cmdrate 128 cl_updaterate 128 cl_interp_ratio 2 cl_interp 0 Likes: Tjak. mrrage77 Administrator. 19 Aug 2019 #3. 22 Jul 2011 11,284 12,883. 19 Aug 2019 #3. If you're looking for the Best csgo settings and optimization guide, Samiz1337 has complied a complete guide in increasing your FPS and performance!. All credit to this best csgo settings guide goes to Steam user and CS:GO player samiz1337, he put in a ton of effort into making this and helping the CS:GO player base all achieve better gameplay

CONTROLLER SOLOS / HANDCAM / 7000+ WINS FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE/ XBOX FORTNITE PLAYER Younghumor - Fortnite Tips/Settings 5,776 watching Live now Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - AWP ACE Beim Thema Netsettings fällt immer wieder der Begriff Interpolation - oder auch die Begriffe lerp und cl_interp - doch nur die wenigsten wissen was diese Funktion des CS:GO Netcodes eigentlich macht. Das möchten wir mit diesem Artikel ändern und euch erklären, was genau hinter dem Begriff steckt, wieso man die Interpolation überhaupt braucht und wie man sie ändern kann Good settings in CS:GO, comment down below if I missed out on something! Follow me! https://www.instagram.com/mattseesass/ Subscribe to see more of my videos..

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CS:GO Pro Setting Players (308 players) We have gathered the CS:GO Setups (2020) of 308 professional players from 69 best teams worlwide. Сurrent sensitivity, crosshair, mouse settings, keyboards, resolutions and video settings and other hardware The best video settings for CS:GO will vastly depend on the individual you're asking. It's something that's pretty much unique to this game, but there are dozens of resolution and aspect ratio combinations that are actively being used by professionals at any given point in time. All of these combinations come with their own advantages and disadvantages (some are arguably more of a.

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  1. CS:GO Netsettings. Grundlagen In diesem Beitrag werden ein paar Grundlagen zum Thema Netsettings in CS:GO erklärt. Darin sind einige interessante Informationen enthalten, aus denen ihr hoffentlich einen Nutzen ziehen könnt. Ein bisschen was hat sich im Vergleich zu früheren CS-Spielen verändert. Also werft mal einen Blick drauf und lasst euch in Zukunft nicht von irgendwelchen Werten.
  2. Kommen wir zu den Standard-Netsettings in CS:GO, welches wir in der folgenden Liste aufgelistet haben. Viele Spieler fahren mit dieser Konfiguration und das muss nicht unbedingt schlecht sein. So sind beispielsweise die maximalen FPS auf 300 gesetzt, was durchaus ein guter Wert ist, wobei viele darauf schwören den Wert etwas niedriger zu setzen, siehe die Beispiele für 64 Tick und 128 Tick
  3. The best CS:GO crosshair, the best CS:GO viewmodel.. I have them all Subscribe to see more of my videos! https://goo.gl/eKdd1

Netsettings were always a very complex and hot discussed topic in Counter-Strike and there is still a lot of misunderstanding about the netcode in CS:GO. We will try to enlighten the whole netsettings debate and explain you which netsettings you should use for competitive play Published on May 9, 2018. Die Wahl deines Bildformats und der Auflösung ist in Counter Strike ein wichtiger Faktor. In dieser Episode wird dir dazu alles genauestens erklärt. Spielersettings. In diesem Praxistipp stellen wir Ihnen die besten Netsettings für Counter Strike Global Offensive vor. Wenn Ihre Verbindung stabil ist, klappt es auch mit den Frags besser. Counter Strike Global Offensive: Netsettings. Grundsätzlich sind die vorab eingestellten Werte der Netsettings von CS:GO für jeden Spieler zu gebrauchen. Etwas verändern sollten Sie nur, wenn Sie beispielsweise oft das. Welcome to our CS:GO Pro Settings and Gear List. This is where we get our data from to give you our analysis on the most used gaming peripherals and gear and our competitive settings guide.We research everything we can find from settings like DPI & eDPI, sensitivity, and resolution to gear and hardware like monitors, mice, mousepads, and keyboards..

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Feb 27, 2018 @ 4:42am. May 18, 2019 @ 4:51am. 86,038: Unique Visitors: 1,126: Current Favorites: Guide Index. Overview. Intro Basic stuff A Detailed Guide on Nvidia 3D Settings for Best CS:GO Performance (credits to /u/ImThour) AMD Optimization Settings (thx crwbr) Disable HPET (High Precision Event Timer) in BIOS HPET is a hardware timer featured in modern Windows versions. Since the. das sind meine settings: man muss sie aber anpassen für 64 tick(mm) oder halt 128 tick faceit/esea. alles schneller als 6mbit down = maxrate von 786432. gab ein update ende letzten jahres. was die befehle bedeuten kannst du googeln. Kommentar. Abschicken Abbrechen. uuuuuu #3. 26.01.2017, 06:56 . settings sind richtig, die aussage das man sie anpassenc muß nciht, die schrottigen mm servern. In CS:GO the sounds we hear are on a plane, so you could hear something behind, front, left, and right. However you also need to know the map well and the different sound textures (brick, wood, snow, metal etc) to know where that sound is positioned in regards to above/below. In regards to Speakers using surround sound the noise basically stays at that speaker instead of modifying the 3d.

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  1. I immediately launched CS:GO and check my config settings. My cl_interp was 0.0xxxxx, and my cl_interp_ratio was 2, cl_interpolate was 1. So I changed my cl_interp_ratio to 1 to see if there would be anything different. Got in an MM game and YEAH!. Now everything feels better, everything is controllable, and a lot more confident
  2. Netsettings, Scripts & Configs If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed
  3. CS:GO Pro Settings - The Best Sensitivity, Config, Crosshair, Mouse, Monitor, Keyboard, Headset and Setup Used by Professional Gamers by Kai · September 17, 2018 Finding the best CS GO mouse can be difficult
  4. Let's take a look at the two most popular graphics cards, for which game settings in CS:GO and many other games can be applied. Nvidia Card Settings. Launch Nvidia control panel on your desktop by right-clicking on the screen. Choose 3D Settings - Adjust Image Settings. Click on Use my preference emphasizing and set Performance to maximum

INSERT THESE COMMANDS IN DEVELOPER CONSOLE (go to game settigs first and enable developert console if you already didn't) Old settings If you have a low ping (from 1 to 100),put these in autoexec.cfg rate 128000 this is max download bandwith p/sc cl_cmdrate 128 cl_updaterate 128 this is how many packets p/sc you can recive rate 12800 CS:GO CS GO Netsettings. Ersteller des Themas Mastino; Erstellungsdatum 24. August 2012; Mastino Ensign. Dabei seit Feb. 2009 Beiträge 176. 24. August 2012 #1 Hi CS Freunde So hab jetzt csgo. Bei einem schnellen Shooter wie CS:GO sind gute Netsettings ein Muss. Gerade unter Profis ist es beispielsweise relevant, wie viele Millisekunden das Spiel vorausberechnet wird, wie die Tickrate ist und vieles mehr. Datum: 03.04.2019. Infos rund um die Netsettings von CS:GO. In einem Spiel wie CS:GO geht es oftmals um Bruchteile von Sekunden, die über Tötung oder Tod und damit auch über.

Netsettings sind ein komplexes Thema in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Wir haben deshalb eine FAQ zusammengestellt, die viele wichtige Fragen beantwortet. Damit sollen auch einige der Fehlinformationen, die zum Thema CS:GO Netsettings im Internet kursieren, richtig gestellt werden. CS:GO Netsettings FAQ Allgemeines Was bedeuten die verschiedenen Kommandos CS:GO. CS:GO - Best settings guide. C. C. CS:GO. CS:GO - How to improve your aim. C. CS:GO - AWP guide 2018. A definitive guide to upping your AWP game. Gameplay guides by Emma Matthews, 10/10/2018. About Emma Matthews. Contact @ In this article we explain what makes the AWP so deadly, what the role of an AWPer entails and how to get better with the AWP. The AWP (full name: Arctic Warfare.

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Our guide to the best pistols in CS:GO covers the advantages and drawbacks of every weapon in this category. With the recent changes to both the CZ75-Auto and the Tec-9, the title for best pistol in CS:GO is once again up for grabs. There's a risk versus reward when deciding which pistol to purchase, especially during the early rounds of the. Our CS:GO best radar settings guide contains a list of console commands to get the most useful radar in the game. CS:GO really is one of a kind when it comes down to customisation options. You're able to build the game's HUD in almost any way you see fit, even to the point of altering the way your character model bobs when walking I have gathered the CS:GO Setups (2018) of 30 professional players from best teams worlwide. Сurrent sensitivity, crosshair, mouse settings, keyboards, resolutions and video settings and other hardware. There are 30 'Guide Contents' of pro's with a link that brings you to a site with their settings/setups

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Best CS:GO launch options 2020 for FPS boost & Max Performance . Posted on January 1, 2020 January 31, 2020 by Sky. 01 Jan. CS:GO Launch Options. Counter strike global offensive, offers you the opportunity to make your gameplay much more interesting, and improved, with the help of CS:GO Launch Options. Launch options are commands that enable the user to set some settings to improve the. Ich selbst spiele in CS:GO mit niedrigen Settings und einer niedrigen Auflösung. Ich hab mich nach den ProGamer gerichtet. Der Vorteil von 1024×768 (4:3) bei voller Bildschirmbreite ist, das die Models breiter werden und somit etwas leichter zu treffen sind. Der Nachteil ist, man sieht etwas weniger links und rechts. Hat mich aber bisher nicht gestört und vermutlich auch nicht so viele. Astralis Magisk CS:GO Settings, Gear, Setup and Config - Including: Sensitivity, DPI, Resolution, Crosshair, Viewmodel, Monitor, Mouse, Mousepad, Keyboard, Headset

Welcome to CSGOCrosshairs.com. If you've an interest in new or alternative crosshairs, this is the place for you! We've currently gathered a total of 110 professional CS:GO players' crosshair settings from 22 different teams and more will be added regularly. The perfect crosshair can be very subjective, so we're here to help you find. BEST ACE IN CS:GO; PRO INTERVIEWS; WALLBANGS; SOFTWARE; MAPPING; CS:GO TIPPS & TRICKS; PROBLEME & FRAGEN. Teamspeak 3; IMPRESSUM; Allgemein / CS:GO Tipps & Tricks / Die Config / News / Rund um CS:GO; So geht's: Die richtigen CS:GO Startparameter einstellen. von ESPORTS NETWORK · 20. März 2013. Die richtigen Startoptionen für CS:GO Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive. Mit den Startparametern. CS:GO - Best Settings & Options Guide. Overwatch » Overwatch Best Monitor & Gear Guide. Best Mouse for Overwatch. Best Monitor for Overwatch. Best Keyboard For Overwatch. Best Mousepad for Overwatch. Best PC for Overwatch. Best GPU for Overwatch. Overwatch Best Settings & Options Guide. Fortnite » Best Mouse for Fortnite. Best Monitor for Fortnite. Best Keyboard For Fortnite. Best Headset. Counter-strike 1.6 CS:GO mod; Cs 1.6 Classic; Cs 1.6 LongHorn 2012; Cs 1.6 LongHorn skull; Cs 1.6 LongHorn 2011; Cs 1.6 Protected; Cs 1.6 LongHorn PRO; Cs 1.6 Source Edition; Cs 1.6 Modern Warfare 2 mod . Counter-strike 1.6 with best settings. Counter-strike 1.6 game is highly dependent on how the game installation file itself is configured. The game is without sidelines and without. OK. Now you are familiar with what CS:GO is, but before you start the game, we'd recommend you to familiarize yourself with the initial CS:GO settings and important scripts that will allow you to integrate into the game process as quickly as possible. Game Devices Mouse. The sensitivity of the mouse is one of the most important things in CS:GO

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Easy-to-use Crosshair Generator. Create your own crosshair or browse crosshairs of the best CS:GO players. Copy settings in one click Close CS:GO if running. Right click on your desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel. 2. Select the right option: Now once you open the control panel, move on to Adjust Image settings with preview. Make sure the option Use the advanced 3d image settings is selected. 3. The Best 3D Settings: Make sure you are on Manage 3D Settings tab before. Die Standard-Netsettings von CS:GO sind die folgenden: rate 196608 cl_updaterate 64 cl_cmdrate 64 cl_interp_ratio 2 cl_interp 0 fps_max 300 Mit diesen Netsettings fährt ein Großteil der Spieler ziemlich gut. Wenn man sich mit der Thematik nicht auskennt oder versehentlich etwas verstellt hat, dann einfach immer diese Werte benutzen. Damit macht man nichts falsch. Änderungen Seit dem Update.

Das CS:GO Intro wird deaktiviert, hat jeder sicherlich schon oft genug gesehen.-tickrate: Tickrate setzen, in unserem Fall 128-language english: Sprache vom Spiel ändern, in diesem Fall auf Englisch-windowed: Fenstermodus aktivieren-heapsize: Größe von dem zu nutzenden Arbeitsspeicher angeben. Beispiel 2097152 für 2GB, 4194304 für 4GB -32bit: Counter-Strike Global Offensive im 32Bit Modus. 4. Radar Settings - CS:GO - Best radar settings; 5. Best Settings - CS:GO - Best settings guide; CS:GO Best Grenades Training Maps. Map Name: Yprac Practice and Warmup Mods. Creator: Yesber. How to Download: Search for 'Yprac Practice and Warmup Mods' in the Steam Workshop and select 'subscribe'. Alternatively, use the link below Hiko Settings, Gear, Setup and Config - Including: Sensitivity, DPI, Resolution, Crosshair, Viewmodel, Monitor, Mouse, Mousepad, Keyboard, Headset Follow simple rules while entering CS:GO Launch Settings: Start each command with - or + Separate commands by spaces; Don't use quotes - Using the launch options is a good alternative to entering CS:GO console commands. The Best CS:GO Launch Options. Every player is different, so there are no settings that are absolutely the best for everyone. The game should be comfortable for you, and. In CS:GO ist die AWP eine der mächtigsten Waffen, wenn man mit ihr umgehen kann. Wir liefern Tipps zu Aiming, Training, Positionierung und Spielweisen

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Below is Total CS:GO's list of the best binds for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Usually, when you're walking (holding the SHIFT key) in CS:GO, you're trying to be quiet, but you're also probably trying to listen for enemies unaware of your position making footsteps or other noises. That's where this bind comes in handy. This bind will raise your game volume when you are holding the. In CS:GO when u set radeon pro to only use dx9 and disable all others and OpenGL then u vil get higher FPS and steady FPS to. Because CS go is made from cs 1.6 steering and source graphics. The 1.6 steering is more smooth with dx9 since that was used back then and dx9 uses less power from ur GFX card

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We've got the LATEST and ALWAYS up-to-date CS:GO resolutions and settings. We know what users want because we're users. The site has a collection of all the best pro players. Simple and clean. CS:GO Resolutions Menu Home; Player Settings; CS:GO RESOLUTIONS. We've collected CS:GO resolution settings from top pro players . Statistics and settings up-to-date as of 3rd August 2020. PLAYERS. UNIQUE. The Best CS:GO Tips - How to Become a Killing Spree Machine [Top 10] CS:GO Twitch Streamers; The 10 Best Riflers In CS:GO [Top 15] CSGO Best Aimers [Top 10] CSGO Best AWP Skins That Are Freakin Awesome! CSGO Cases Guide: CSGO Best Cases To Open; Top 5 CSGO Best Betting Sites in 202 Here you can download the CFG of any CS:GO player and find information about settings. Home; Pro Configs; Mouse Settings Database; CFG Installation Guide; Free Skins; Contact; Pro Configs. Browse the configs of professional CSGO players, find information about mouse, keyboard, resolution, etc. Browse Configs. Mouse Settings Database. View the mouse and mouse settings for 1000+ pro players. Hey guys, havent played cs:go for like 4 month, now i m back. my netsettings are: rate 786432 cl_interp 0 cl_interp_ratio 1 cl_cmdrate 128 cl_updaterate 128 my internet connection is 150 down, 10 up. The problem i m facing is some kind of lag when my bullets connect with the enemy player model. it feels like im playing with ping 120 ( my ping is usually around 20, based in Germany )

CS:GO has a variety of settings you can optimize to your advantage. But if you're new to the game, these can seem overwhelming. Luckily for you, I have professional experience and will teach you how to set up the game for the maximum competitive advantage. While this guide will disable some annoying things and help out your FPS, it's obvious that you have do your part as player to adapt to. The autoexec file itself is just a configuration that CS:GO will pull settings from that are either too cumbersome to mess with via in-game menus, or users would like to set in numerical values rather than attempt to use the menu-based options. Things such as sensitivity for your mouse, for example, are easier to change manually because you may fine tune them more with a numerical value (ie. Currently I'm playing CS:GO on Windows 10. Overall the operating system is quite good and I don't really have any complaint about it. However, there's still a lot of room for technical improvement. By making a few simple tweaks, I was able to improve the game's performance and the number of fps eventually increased. In this post I'll show you what I did with Windows 10 and hopefully.

CS:GO High FPS Config und Tweaks. Da wir immer wieder nach einer High FPS Config für CS:GO gefragt wurde, haben wir dir mal die wichtigsten Parameter und Einstellungen in dieser Anleitung auf Deutsch zusammengefasst. Die High-FPS-Config besteht in diesem Fall nicht nur aus einer Konfigurationsdateien sondern aus mehreren Einstellungen Here's a config I created for CS:GO, better aim, fps and easier bunny jumps. All is completely within VAC rules and whatnot. Enjoy! Add file CS:GO Best Config 2018 / Super Aim / Better FPS. Location Games: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Files. Filename CSGO_Config_2018.rar Category Other. Uploader smeyrz. Added Dec 23rd, 2017 . Size 3.7kb (3,791 bytes) Downloads 12,809 (3 today) MD5. BEST ACE IN CS:GO; PRO INTERVIEWS; WALLBANGS; SOFTWARE; MAPPING; CS:GO TIPPS & TRICKS; PROBLEME & FRAGEN. Teamspeak 3; IMPRESSUM; Allgemein / Configs / CS:GO Server Guide / CS:GO Tipps & Tricks / Die Config / News / Scripts; CS:GO richtige Netsettings. von ESPORTS NETWORK · 15. Oktober 2012. Im Allgemeinen lässt sich sagen, dass die Netsettings vom Server abhängen. Die unten stehenden. Das Lineup besteht derzeit aus JW, dem wohl besten CS:GO Spieler flusha, KRiMZ, Neuzugang dennis sowie dem verletzten olofmeister. Fnatic Maus Settings (CSGO) Spieler Maus Mauspad eDPI Maus-DPI Sense (IG) Sense (Win) Sense (Zoom/AWP) Raw Input Polling Rate 360° JW: Zowie EC2-A: SteelSeries QcK Heavy: 960: 400: 2,40: 6: 0,90 1000 Hz: 43,3 cm: flusha: SteelSeries Rival (Fade Edition.

Once you've installed the latest patch, try running CS: GO and check if there is an improvement in the FPS. Solution 2: Changing your Game's Video Settings. You can also boost your CS: GO's FPS by modifying your game's video settings. To do that, follow the instructions below: Run your CS: GO by opening the Steam client CS:GO - Sound Settings. 27/07/2015 14/09/2015 admin Guides. As you might already have noticed, one of the most important gameplay mechanics in CS:GO is the sound. The exact knowledge of what is hearable for your enemies and what not, can give you a huge advantage in competitive matches. In this guide we will help you to adjust your sound settings, explain some basic things and give you a. The Best CSGO Crosshair Gives You An Advantage Having the right crosshair should be any CS:GO Player's first concern when climbing the ranked ladder. It tells you where your bullets are headed, and where they are going to land. No matter what is happening in a match, your crosshair will.. Browse all Boston 2018 CS:GO stickers. Check market prices, rarity levels, inspect links, capsule drop info, and more

BEST ACE IN CS:GO; PRO INTERVIEWS; WALLBANGS; SOFTWARE; MAPPING; CS:GO TIPPS & TRICKS; PROBLEME & FRAGEN. Teamspeak 3; IMPRESSUM; GLOBAL-OFFENSIVE.COM NEWS, TIPPS, GUIDES & MORE! Allgemein / CS:GO Tipps & Tricks / News / Updates. 8. Juni 2017. CS:GO Update: Operation Hydra - Weapons Expert nun spielbar außerdem neuer Scoreboard Bug! Weapons Expert nun spielbar Inzwischen geht Operation. Static-Ware is the best private CSGO cheats provider out there in 2018. We specialize in creating external, undetected private Counter Strike: Global Offensive cheats with features like ESP, aimbot, Skin Changer, and Knife Changer - with the new Horizon Case knives and skins, and much more.. All our private CS:GO cheats have a $1 trial, which means that you do not need to commit to an. Optimizing for the best sound settings in CSGO boils down to three steps: Configuring CS:GO's In-game Sound Settings. Audio Output Configuration. CSGO also gives you a lot of control over how the game plays audio. The first thing you need to check is Audio Output Configuration, which is set to Stereo Headphones by default. You can leave it as is if you're using regular stereo. Also Check: Best AMD Radeon Settings for Gaming & Boost FPS 2020 [How to] Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings for Gaming & Boost FPS 2020. Go to the Nvidia control panel by Right clicking on your desktop, and choose Nvidia Control Panel, or you can search it on the start menu as well.If you didn't find it anywhere, you can install the GeForce Experience software, and it will bring the control.

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